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Smile Gallery

"My family and I have been patients of Dr. Prasad for the past 20 years. He is a most dedicated Dentist. I can testify that he is one of the most honest persons I have had the pleasure to know. I wish every professional that I have done buisness with would have such impeccable character."

"A long vigil of appreciation! Dr. Prasad, please take this little note as a matter of thanks and appreciation for having a deep loving sense of fullest content. Your attitude and approach to me and my dental problems were all great. I will never forget you and I would never once lose the opportunity to recommend [your practice] to needy persons. I once again extend my vote of thanks."-- LUIS ALVAREZ, Krystal Enterprises


"...This is to let you know that I have known Dr. Prasad for over twenty years. He has extracted teeth that needed to be removed and replaced them with front bridges both lower and upper. I also have a[n] upper [partial] plate. I have my teeth and dental work examined two or three times a year. What I like about Dr. Prasad so much is that he explains so well in detail what you may need in dental work and how he is going to do it, and also how long it might take and most of all its just a few visits. I have been very satisfied with his work and highly recommend him as he has many years of experience in his field...." -- E. GALINDO

Some patients are adamant that they do not want any preparation done to teeth and no local anesthetic. So, for this 23-year-old patient multiple diastema and alignment problems were corrected by placing thin veneers bonded into place using translucent veneer cement.


These patients have new bright smiles. Whitening can be completed in our office in about one hour -- in a lunch hour.

This patient was extremely pleased with his new smile when veneers were used to improve the appearance of a midlne diastema and worn, chipped incisors. It was all done with no prep veneers.

This patient complained about multiple spaces between his teeth and the tooth shading caused by other treatments. With only slight reduction, no injections and a no prep approach, this patient has an improved bright smile before starting his new job.

Veneers can correct esthetic concerns. This patient felt her front two teeth were too long and she did not like the spacing near the gum that creates a black triangle look. No prep was need as veneers closed the spaces between the teeth.


Veneers can create a bright youthful smile at any age. Call to see what Dr. Prasad can do for your smile.

This patient was concerned that his teeth size did not match. He also wanted to correct the alignment problems. Prepared veneers proved to be a suitable solution. An investment that works everytime.

This patient wanted to change the shade and alignment of her smile. She declined orthodontic treatment. Veneers correct the alignment and create a pleasing smile -- with minimal tooth reduction.

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